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Selkie – a small village of municipality of Kontiolahti – is situated in the Province of Eastern Finland, in the heart of North Karelia Region. Selkie is lying only 22 km east of city of Joensuu and southeast of Kontiolahti’s Kirkonkylä (the parish village). At the beginning of the year 2008 Selkie had a population of 267 people.

Selkie village is one of the most beautiful and oldest places to live in North Karelia. Village has a status of one of the Finland’s national landscapes as well as nationally important cultural historical environment. Name “Selkie” becomes of the Finnish name “selkä”, the back because the village spreads beautifully on the top of the hill like a backbone.

Selkie has a village school of its own, a village shop and a post office together with a own chapel. Village is an ideal place to live for families with small children or any other people longing for own space, wild nature or calming, stress free silence. But still there is a variety of different associations and societies to join. And of course: Selkie is not so far away from city life.

For further information please contact Selkie Village association, Board Mr. Mustonen: tero.mustonen @

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